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Amitra 20% EC

Composition:This product has active ingredient of 20% Amitraz
Indications:It is an insecticide and expellant , used for the control of ectoparasites, such as mites, ticks and lice etc, for cattle, sheep and pigs, also it is suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits, it is relative safe to predatory insects and bees. No drug accumulating in the tissues of animal.
Usage and Administration:Dip and sprinkle.
For cattle,  1L 20% Amitraz/800-1100L water.
For sheep and pigs, 1L 20% Amitraz/400L water.
For pig house, wall, floor and equipments, spray the solution of 1L 20% Amitraz/400L water.
If the water mixed medicine should be used for a time interval, put 0.8kg quick lime into 100L liquid medicine as a stabilizer.
Precaution : this product should not be used for horse
Storage:it is inflammable , so the product should be stored in cool and dry place, prevented from light.
1 litre Aluminum bottle (10 bottles per carton box).

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