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Spawning fish hormone


Formulation :

Each 10ml contain Dom 100mg and S-GnRH 200ug
It’s a liquid peptide supplement that is used to compress the spawning season,coordinate the spawning time and increase the milt production in males.
FISH HORMONE is used in all teleost fish including salmon,African catfish,perch,perch-like fish and carp species.
Mode of action:
FISH HORMONE contain an analogue of S-GnRH and a brain neurotransmitter(dopamin) inhibitor.
The GnRH in ovulin elicits the release of stored gonadotropins from pituitary.
The Dopamine inhiobitor serves to remove other inhibitor of GnRH release.
Dosage and administration:
FISH HORMONE is used at 0.5ml/kg body weight in female and half dose in male fish.
Injection of FISH HORMONE delivered to the peritoneal (Abdominal cavity) using standard needle and syringe intramuscular injection is possible but the injection site may bleed
FISH HORMONE in conjunction with other therapeutants can be used as advised by veterinarian
Presentation :
It comes in 10ml self-sealing amber glass bottle
Storage conditions :
Store in a cool dry place ,protect from direct sunlight and keep out of reach of children.

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