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Toltrazuril. 2.5% oral solution

 Each 100 ml contains 2.5g Toltrazuril.
Toltrazuril Solution 2.5% is highly effective against all coccidia of chickens and turkeys. Broilers: E. Tenella, e. Necatrix, e. Acervulina, e. Maxima, & e. Brunetti Turkeys: E. Adenoeides, e. Meleagrimitis, e. Gallopavonis.
Dosage and Administration:
Poultry, rabbits:
- Preventive: 1mL per liter of dinking water for 2 consecutive days.
- Treatment: 1.5mL per liter of dinking water for 2 consecutive days. In case of severe infections, stop the medication for 5 days and continue treatment in the next 2 consecutive days.
Piglets, calves:
- Preventive: 1mL per 5kg of body weight per day for 2 consecutive days.
- Treatment: 1mL per 4kg of body weight per day for 3 consecutive days.
Withdrawal period: 
Meat: Broilers: 14 days 
Turkeys: 28 days 
 Do not use in layers producing eggs for human consumption. 
Store at temp. Below 25c, away from direct sun light. 
1 litre PE-Pharma bottle (10 bottles per carton box).

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