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Florfenicol Injection 10%(antibiotics)


Dosage from:

Florfenicol Injection Liquid injection
Florfenicol Injection is Colourless or pale yellow
Florfenicol Injection suits multiplicate animals and is effective to livestock and poultry.
1. Swine: Swine asthma, 
atrophic rhinitis, actinomyces pleuropneumonia, swine plague, streptococcicosis, typhia, paratyphoid
and colibacillosis etc.
2. Cattle and sheep: Pasterella, respiratory tract infection due to hemophilus, 
mycoplasma infection, infectious pleuropneumonia, streptococcicosis infection, infectious keratitis 
and all kinds of mastitis etc.
3. Poultry: Diarrhea and respiratory tract infection etc due to sensitive bacteria.
Dosage and usage:
 Intramuscular injection: Cattle, sheep and swine with every 1kg weight: 0.03 ml;
Poultry (including aquatic poultry), small animal (cat, rabbit and dog): 0.03 -0.06 ml, once every 48 hours. Take it continuously 2 times.  
1. Administration to breeding or pregnant cattle is not recommended for its fetal toxicity.
2. Do not inject or take orally with alkali drugs. Do not inject intravascularly with other antibiotics and multiple 
vitamin B.
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